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so... what to say?
something about me?
funny. that's really funny...
if i'd know who i am i could write here something about me...
but... you have to accept...
i cannot write here something because i do not really know who i am.
sure... i have a name, a life, an existence.
but what does this really say about me?
maybe that i am an 19 years old girl which is leaving school next year with the plan to study something like computer science.
but hey... do you know who i am now?

if you read my blog you'll get a little impression about the person i am.
sometimes really crazy.
sometimes paranoid.
sometimes normal. (what's normal, hm?)
sometimes stupid.
sometimes naive.
sometimes clever and smart.

but most of the time i spend here on earth while trying to pretend to be someone else - someone the society accepts.
nobody wants to hear something about crazy little girls who are sick in their stupid naive mind, who are afraid of the whole world and want to hide somewhere till everything is good or done or over.
no... the society asks for self-confident, intelligent, cool, independent young women who are the hope of the nation...

so much stuff.
so much crap.

here it goes...
i am a normal young woman who tries to live a normal life in a world which is definitely not normal.

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